Use Gift Center when

  • you have a special occasion and need to coordinate gift buying
  • you want to find gifts at the best prices
  • you want to look at many gifts before you decide
  • you want to keep the products you find in one place
  • you want to keep a track of how much you are spending
  • you want to relax with a cup of coffee while you shop

Brief Overview

Gift Center will help you get the best deals without leaving the house.

Setup Profiles

For friends and family: tell us what they like from an extensive list of Interests.

Create Occasions

Buying for a particular occasion? Not a problem! Create the Occasion then tag a profile to it, if you choose.

Price Range & Categories

Set a min / max price range or limit your search to specific Categories.

Gift Center gets to work

We check over 50,000 stores to find the right gifts. Filter products by price, category or even specific stores and brands.

Filter by Store or Brand

If you prefer a particular brand or store then Gift Center can show only those products..

Tag gifts for later

Once you find the perfect gifts. Tag them to an Occasion for easy reference.

Choose from a huge list of search Interests

13 main categories, each with many subcategories.
Even the subcategories have subcategories

  • 13 Main Search Interest Categories

    Babies, Children, Ladies, Men, Accessories, Wedding, Jewelry, The Home, Electronics, Sports, Hobbies, Auto & Tools, Misc

  • Sub Categories

    Each Category contains many sub categories. eg: The Home contains Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Appliances, Art, Electronics, Office, The Garden

  • Sub Sub Categories

    When you click a sub category the main window updates with a list of options specific to that Sub Category that contains as many related searches as we could think of. And that's a lot :-)

  • Select 3 Ineterests per Profile / Occasion

    When you create a profile you can select up to three different searches for Gift Center to work with. Once you create an Occasion and attach a profile to it you can use them or change them.

Get in Touch

Have feedback, suggestions, or any thoughts about our app? Feel free to email us anytime at the Gift Center